Rated “R”

So this is take over week for Rihanna on MTV2 and she is playing all of her favorite videos. I was able to tune in last night (with my daughter) just so I could catch some of her new videos. Once a HUGE fan of Rihannas I have to admit that the two videos of hers that I did see, sort of threw me off. I am well aware that she is not your regular R&B singer, and thats why I’ve liked her so much, but the videos are especially different, weird in a way. The songs are great but I find it terribly hard to follow the videos.

Either way I love Ri-Ri, and I hope her album does well. Alot of people are saying that she has spoken up about the recent Chris Brown debacle because she wants to spike some of her record sells, and though (as stated before) I am a big fan, I have to lean in and say that this may be true, why else is she just now speaking out about it? I really dont understand. All in all its good to hear her side of the story…after the whole issue has gone cold (for lack of better words).

Chris Brown also has a new video out, called “Crawl” here it is, and i love it…do you guys think its about Ri-ri?


2 thoughts on “Rated “R”

  1. I like the Chris Brown joint and i def think it’s to Rihana. Poor kids! And Cassie needs to be smacked for the hair do for real…ashamed she’s from CT!

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