Why didnt anyone tell me?

I honestly consider myself a music lover. Back in the day I wanted to be a hip hop journalist before I became the EIC for 4everyoneelse.com (I know, it’s a plug, and a shameless one), so when I find precious little jewels I like to share them with the world *cough* J. Cole, but this entry isnt about him… 

This is about Mrs. Mariah Carey’s CD “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” All I can say is wow, what the hell was I thinking to NOT buy this CD? How did this slip through the cracks of my good music barrier? The single “Obsessed” didnt do the album justice, but even still, this CD is just…I dont even know what to say, and you all know thats rare for me. Maybe I’m loving it because I’m going through something, it helps me get my grown woman on! Oh JOY!!!!

So heres where you can listen via web to the CD in its entirety. If you’ve missed out like moi.

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel


3 thoughts on “Why didnt anyone tell me?

  1. J. Cole is the next big thing…it’s just a waiting game at this point. It’s all about timing and it’s Young Moneys time right now (unfortunately, cause i’m not personally thrilled with all of the stuff the are putting out).

    Thx! Now i have something to listen to while i sit here at work. BTW, am i your only fan? We might have to do some recruiting to get your blog poppin. I like to say i knew people before they blew up, so just remember who was here first…LOL!

  2. lol, yes Tone you are my onliest fan, but thats fine with me. I can devote more attention where its needed. I dont care for people to be all in my business anyway. Glad I could provide something for you to listen to, lol!

    You could be the head of my fan club! Set up a site, you know you’re bored, might as well do something useful lol j/k

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