DELETE!!! (Chris Brown)

Okay, so after a weekend of angry tirades, Chris Brown has deleted his twitter account, this is mildy saddening to me, although I understand  why he needed to  do it. I am not going to lie, I love it when celebs go H.A.M. in public and twitter has been the best place for it in its short-lived (so far) existence. Common folks get to see the fall outs up close and personal between the likes of Mashonda and Swizz, the beef that Marlon Wayans had going back and forth with someone (I forget the name) The Lindsay Lohan Break Up! I’m sure I am missing some but these are the few I can remember. Recently C. Breezy has been added to the list. He is PIST! Apparently his CD’s aren’t being stocked and he feels like its unfair. I can’t say I blame the little guy.

(((lol @ “what the fuck do i gotta do…)))

*R. Kelly’s CD still sells and he pissed on a minor…on tape.

*OJ published a book called (lol) Do I even need to mention the title?

And those are just ones that I can think of, I’m sure there are tons more indiscretions performed by celebrities that we all choose to look past. Someone get Chris a Kit Kat Bar.


2 thoughts on “DELETE!!! (Chris Brown)

  1. LOL! He has to understand it’s his first effort out…it’s not over yet. He has to give the white folks just a little bit more time then that. R. Kelly went in during his whole ordeal…Chris better come out with a “Trapped In The Closet” series 🙂

  2. lol I think at this point he needs to pull the crazy card. James Brown did it, Bobby Brown did it, we allll thought Kellz was crazy, OJ did it (his limp was enough to put him in the looney bin if you ask me), even Kanyes doing it. He needs to go hard on the sympathy route, he is so pissed, its like he faked being sorry lol.

    STILL laughing @ WTF I gotta do?

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