Hubba Hubba???

I am sort of tired of talking about Ri-Ri and Chris and I promise that my blog will not at all be centered around this, I promise I will move on, but sometimes they can be sooo entertaining, and well I’d like to say that this is going to be my last entry about the duo, but I can’t make any promises. I almost feel like I’m obsessing but I’m just doing my duty as a writer of sorts. Okay enough with disclaiming things, heres what I have to say…

Rihanna poses topless for January’s GQ issue, but this isn’t at all news to me, she’s a gorgeous person and we all knew from MTO that she has a banging body, it’s what she says thats interesting. So fellas, now you can truly tell your girl that you were reading it for the article. Rihanna reveals some private things in this interview besides her body, and I think its cool that she opened up a bit. It would be wise to pick up a copy of next months issue, if you can take much more of Rihanna. I think I’ve written myself into a nose bleed about the two (Chris Brown included) lol, I will most definitely end my following here….maybe.

( pics c/o

Also more information on the interview can be found on


4 thoughts on “Hubba Hubba???

  1. Aint that about a b%&*! I think my subscription ran out this month! NOOOOOOOOOOO! OMJEBUS that picture is niiiiiice…i might have to call customer support and plead my case for one more issue 🙂

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