One…Night…Stand (1)

Shes gone forever?

I’m a good girl right?

This is not the stuff that good girls are made of

We’re made of things like honesty, deep dimples, shy smiles, and skirts that aren’t cut above the knee.

This is not the stuff good girls are made of.

I was out with my friends, a social event, being…a good girl, when HE caught my eye from clear across the room. I have to bite my lip just imagining his smile.

I rushed to the bathroom to apply lip gloss and make sure my hair was on point  tinkle of course, wasnt nobody worried about him. Besides I’m a good girl, I’ve got a man at home.

As I walked out I noticed that he was standing near the bar, where I was standing before I went to the bathroom…to…tinkle, so I approached the bar so that he could notice me because I’m not into approaching men because I’d left my clutch there and needed it…it had my MONEY in it for Pete’s sake.

I noticed him noticing me, but not in that

“I wonder what she looks like naked?”

…kind of way more just an admiration of the masterpiece that is me (toot toot), besides I wouldn’t care if he was undressing me with his eyes because I was doing the same to him.

When his light brown eyes finally met mine, I smiled, to show my dimples, and I lowered my glance because…well…good girls are shy, and we established at the beginning that I’m a good girl…right? When I looked up he was smiling, and so was I I guess we were flirting, and though I have a man at home…I liked that shit its truly rude not to smile when someone smiles at you.

He introduced himself, and I gave him my name, and we stood there looking silly for a while, well I was looking silly. He offered to buy me a drink, I declined I really needed him to get right to the point there was no need in pretending that by now I hadn’t decided that we’d fuck because getting drunk is not what good girls do.

After more of the long silences and little conversation, I knew what I needed to know, and I was ready to wrangle the girls so that we could make our exit. He asked me for my number, and I gave it to him hoping that he would call before the rooster crowed I felt like it would be a good networking opportunity, he was in the industry…I was in the industry…duh.

Pulling into my garage, my phone started to vibrate, and it was HIM, I answered it shyly..

Me: Hi

Him: Hey, Michelle

Me: *giggles* Yea (just in case you didn’t know, good girls giggle for no apparent reason sometimes)

Him: I wanted to tell you goodnight, and that you’re gorgeous.

Me: Thanks, and goodnight to you as well (oh please don’t hang up, please ask to come over!)

Him: I’m probably going to be up for a while, it takes time for me to wind down after being out. I just didn’t want to call to tell you goodnight too late, I didn’t want to risk you being asleep

Me: Oh, well I’m not sleepy at all

Him: Interesting…

Me: Truly

Him: So are you seeing anyone?

Me: No Yes  (don’t give me that look, I feel like you all are judging me)

Oh guys please don’t be mad, thats seriously all that I have right now. Of course this isn’t a true account and this has totally been made up in the mind of Kane so it may take some time…this has officially been stamped TO BE CONTINUED (but not like those rap videos that never actually continue, I promise I’ll finish it lol)




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