Shoe Monologues (The Stiletto)

Guest Blogger! I love all of my readers but I love my writers even more. This happens to be one of my besties, so be honest, let me know what you think!

Shoe monologues

Stilettos mmm…just thinkin bout my feet in this high heel makes me wanna cream oops sorry meant to say scream. I’m sure some of you can relate to the feeling you get when you walk into the shoe store and there she is daring you to try her on.

“I want you”

…says the 3 1/2 inch stiletto

“I’ve been waiting patiently all day for this moment. I was hoping you made it here in time before someone else stole what was yours. I hate it when you make me wait while others are constantly trying me and telling themselves that I’m the perfect fit. I wanna yell and tell them they’re all liars and they don’t know what it is to have someone to love you and appreciate the way you contour to there every move. I made it impossible for them to move in me because of my loyalty to you and my fear of being stretched out of your shape. Please take me away from this place and these people so that we can get better acquainted and have some privacy. All of the things that I wanna do with you and so little time to do it in and no that I won’t ever hurt you like those in the past.”

 “Wow” is all I thought when I heard stilettos heart-felt words. In my mind I want to grab him and spend the rest of my life with these wonderful shoes. Then reality hits me

” haven’t I heard this before, I mean they all say they won’t hurt you but the last 4 pair that I bought hurt like hell”.

Beautiful you are, but I rather keep my options open than be tied down to one pair.  With that being said I gently stroked stiletto and kissed the toe and laid it back in its spot.  As I walked away with a heavy heart I smiled to myself knowing that I had done the right thing because I knew I could never fully commit to one shoe when I had so many to choose from.


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