The Spotlight!


cause the spotlight aint nothing without cha girl

and the danceflo’ aint nothin without cha girl

you a show stoppa, woah oh ohhhhh

let’s get it poppin’ woah oh ohhhhh

I am not a fan of Gucci Mane at all, well not the artist as a collective, I will admit to liking a few of the singles that I hear on the radio, but I absolutely love this song “Spotlight” featuring Usher! And doesn’t Eddie Murphy’s daughter look like a doll! Shes gorgeous! But so is her mom so it should be expected!

Bria Murphy

I am loving the short hair! Its HAWT…I just cut mine off this past weekend, and I can’t wait to show you guys I have just been uber busy with Christmas and other things! I also have to post my little wish list just in case one of my wonderful readers wants to be my Secret Santa.

Back to the reason for the post (I always rant, which goes against my short and sweet rule) over the past year alone I’ve become more exposed to the spotlight and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it. Sometimes I fear losing the real Keisha to the madness and staying both grounded and humble is a true task, but I feel as if I do well in maintaining my true self.

Funny thing was said about a week ago from a couple of my around the way girls!

Friend 1:OMG you should have seen Keisha when we went out, she acts totally different around those people. She was giving air kisses!

Friend 2: Air kisses? No she wasn’t. I am so glad she’s able to turn that off when she gets around us

Friend 1: Yea (laughing) me too.

I was right in the vicinity when this convo was going on and these girls are like my sisters so I don’t mind what they have to say. I look at it like this, it takes a real pro to be able to fit in to all crowds, I am diverse, and no it’s not a big ship! *Anchorman insider*

Well hopefully I’ll get my blog on before Christmas, until then toodle loo and thanks for reading *air kisses* lol


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