We still <3 Kobe (must be the name)

KOBE! The name just makes me want to pinch cheeks!

Some of you may begin to think that I subscribe to GQ (I promise I don’t) but if I did it is not like there is something terribly wrong with a woman trying to figure out how these idiots we call men think.

Anyway, the infidelity champ, is featured in GQ’s February Issue (I think) and he is looking oh so adorable. You almost have to love him…well I do, I think he looks dapper.

This guy got caught up in a “rape case” cheating with some nastiness woman and was able to obtain his wife as well as his career back in 2003. Tiger you may want to buddy up to this young “lady-killer” and take a ride in the backseat, remember to bring your pen and pad.

If you caught the Kobe vs. Lebron Lakers vs. Cavaliers game you must be gagging right now! I know I am, the game was awesome, (or so I heard, I didnt actually catch it though *head down)  even despite all those nasty rumors I have remained a true fan. Since winning the game  didnt take me back to my HS crush with Kobe, well these pictures did. NO…he didnt pull a Rihanna, although it would have been nice, he just looks very tasteful, I admire a man with…style.

Gee, he makes me smile :)!!

Be sure to pick up an issue, I’ll steal my coworkers (as I always do).

Happy New Years! (hopefully we’ll dish before then though)


2 thoughts on “We still <3 Kobe (must be the name)

  1. NOTHING BEATS THE RIHANNA ISSUE!!! Okay, got that out my system 🙂 I think my subscription is ending soon, till trying to decide if i want to renew. i don’t really read, i just like the pictures…maybe a subscription to Penthouse would be more constructive…LOL!

    I’m also going to ignore “…how these idiots we call men think…” cause you’re cute :\ 😛

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