DJ Ataxic! (11/2008)

This was my very first face to face interview, which also took place in November of 2008 (apparently I was on fire). I was interning for Envy magazine then, extremely wet behind the ears, I was able to loosen up and have fun with it eventually. Try to imagine me, with my little tape recorder and all my questions typed out, sitting at the bar drinking a glass of…you guessed it…water. All I can do is smile at growth.

This article never got posted in ENVY magazine as the magazine basically tanked for lack of better words, and to use anything else would be biting my tongue and that hurts. So I’ve owed it to DJ Ataxic to publicize this for well over a year. Being the current EIC of has opened major doors, but I think posting it here will suffice as well. Thanks DJ Ataxic! (I will make sure to tag you on #fb)


                                                   Who is DJ Ataxic?

You can look him up on, he has his own website, and he even has a page on MySpace, but who is he really? These searches pull up his mixes and a few personal things about him, but not much else.

Bryan Fisk BKA DJ Ataxic walks into the downstairs of Paddy O’ Quigley’s. I immediately see that he’s a laid back guy. Even though he says he’s been running late all day he doesn’t have a panicked or rushed look about him, just that he knows what he has to do and he came here to get it done.

Born a lover of hip hop there was never a doubt in DJ Ataxics mind about what he wanted to become, just like the young boys we see with the dreams of becoming a basketball or football player, except it wasn’t a basketball or football Ataxic would be toting around as a child, it was a radio.

Ataxic has been spinning for about 10 years, but didn’t start taking it seriously until around 2000 and 2001, after coming back from working for CBS in Texas,  since then he’s been one of KC’s top DJ’s. Even with the current demand for Top 40 hits and the ups and downs of the industry he has been able to stay steadfast in what he believes in, the ability to pull from every genre of music, and make it rock. You won’t find him spinning the latest Lil Wayne cut, or an overplayed summer anthem by DJ Khaled, and if that’s what you’re looking for Ataxic suggests that you stay in your car, he feels that it’s his job to introduce what’s new and hot to the masses, and not the other way around, and that’s what makes him stand out as a DJ.

Ataxic has worked with a number of notable artists some of his favorite include LL Cool J, DJ P. and the best scratch DJ around according to Ataxic DJ Vajra. While sitting down listening to Ataxic spin cuts that get no air time like Jay-Z’s “Jockin’ Jay-Z” to an old school cut by Lord Tariq and Déjà vu “Uptown Baby” he is sure to have your head bobbing.

***Reading over this interview, I can tell I was younger in the game, there are so many other things that I wanted to add, and I’m a creative editor by nature so it took everything in me NOT to revise some things. I guess this a look into what I started from, I would really like to interview Mr. Fisk again, maybe we can set that up Thanks for reading, until next time***

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