Fuq It Fridays


Good morning people! I am a pretty reserved person throughout the week, keeping comments to myself, only supplying blank stares when someone’s stupidity shows. But I feel like Friday is the day that I lose all tactful approaches, that I throw caution to the wind, and really “go in” on some things shit. I don’t care who I offend or who disagrees, this is MY blog, and MY day to say what I want to say!

In no particular order…

Where  in the hell  fuck does Arden B. get off teaming up with Wet Seal? Wheredeydodatat? I should have known because the quality of clothes started to get cheaper and cheaper, fuck I’m sposed to do now?

NEWSFLASH!!! Matt Kemp is a woman beater, lets all get brave since he’s dating Rihanna and speak out about it now more than ever because we truly care…

Can someone please, please, please tell me why that ugly ass man has a weenus THAT big! OMG, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s half ape, he looks it in the face. I dont know this guy, hell I dont even know what sport he plays he needs to be thanking his lucky stars his ex-girlfriend posted those pics all over the web, shes boosting his stock like crazy. *à la In Living Color* “Dont get meeeyyyyaaaadddd”

What the hell ethnicity am I? African-American, American African, Black, Negro, Negroid, maybe I should just pull an uncle Ruckus (no relation) and call myself a “New Nigga” I’ll write that in your fucking census forms.

Disclaimer: I am not a Barbie, of any type, (my sis calls me a rock star one) but, I love that hot pink lip gloss and I’d be lying if I said I wasnt going to rush to Sephora after work to buy some.  Don’t you dare judge me, you muthafucka you. What do you have on it?

Thats all for now, the opinions of this blog in every way show the opinions of iKeish. Hey hey hey, fuck you, I’m not getting paid for this, I have only MY image to uphold here. Feel free to comment with the fuckery thats been bothering you all week. I think I’m done. Back to being a good girl 🙂


8 thoughts on “Fuq It Fridays

  1. “… call myself a “New Nigga” I’ll write that in your fucking census forms.” ::DEAD::

    Fuq unemployment.
    Fuq student loans.
    Fuq an iPad. {unless I win one!}
    Fuq a recession.
    Fuq gurlz who don’t put out on the first date. {Exactly the point}

    I’m done. {Drops Mic. Walks off stage George Jefferson’ style. Screaming Fuq the world!}

  2. Thanks fellas!

    I forgot to mention the Iluminati folks, all week I’ve had to give out the blank stare, today is the day that I say “YOU SOUND STUPID! You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, thats how WWII got started”

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