Get Em ‘Ye!

I suppose I’m not a true fashion blogger, I love fashion don’t get me wrong, but you wont find any “failed” outfits being spotlighted here. (If you ever do though it’s probably a guest blogger). I am a big believer in self-expression. I attended a “Fame” like school for most of my life, and if we didn’t learn anything there we learned that it was okay to be yourself.

Lately people have railroaded Mr. West. From the Taylor Swift jump off, which I thought was hilarious, to his choice in the wordless girl that he dates, and finailly to the clothes that they wear in public. Most celebs take the criticism with a grain of salt, and by now they know that people are going to throw shade no matter what they wear, do, or screw. Kanye is not “most celebs” homie speaks out, and loudly! People call his rants tantrums, but I disagree. When someone is angry and fed up with the judgement they receive, there is nothing at all wrong with coming in, snatching someone up by the collar and through gritted teeth giving them a tongue lashing to remember.

Introducing Mr. Kanye West in all his glory

And I quote:

When it’s all said and done, remember the fearless, remember the dreamers, remember those who represent the ghetto….the fairy tale of nothing to something

Besides…Amber Roses Louis V Fanny Pack???? TO DIE FOR!!!!


6 thoughts on “Get Em ‘Ye!

  1. It feels like we dont cut him any slack. His mom passed recently and I sometimes get the feeling that he hasnt dealt with it fully, or maybe hes just trying to find himself. Or maybe, like most of us, he wants to be left alone.

    • I agree. The death of his mother had to have effected him much more than he lets on. It seems as if he just needs people to jump back off him and let him breathe.

  2. I haven’t rocked white jeans since middle school, but with my new sexy i could see me wearing that outfit he has on…especially since he topped it off with the timbos, unlike Jay and Drake i’m not off that just yet…

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