Grammys (Mens Edition)

A dear friend of mine has asked me to aid in finding him a nice look for his birthday. Some of you may say his first error was asking me, and to that I say “shut up” I have style damn it. Anyway, since I’ve slacked on helping him out he asked me to compose the mens outfits (men don’t wear outfits I know) at the Grammy Awards, just to see what the  trend may be.

After reviewing all the pictures I’ve snatched I’d have to say that the skinny suits/jeans aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and rather than being a fad it’s becoming a phase, maybe the phase will end soon, but I don’t know…

 Is Musiq a Q dog? Purple is my all time favorite color, but I dont really like this ensemble. I think the shoes throw me off.


My sentiments exactly NeYo a-ok! I love it, I think he’s matched very well and the hat is very debonair. You get an A+!


I was trying to see which one I liked best, but I can’t, I like them as a unit, it doesn’t look outrageous or boring (Kid Cudi) they did well!


Self Expression *scratches head*


I cant get past his face something…I’m sorry. Talk among yourselves.

Sean Paul

 Tennis shoes with suits, dont appeal to me anymore. I remember homecoming of 2001, our Prince did that, it was really cute then.

Adam Sandler

Its the Grammys, not a boat trip, were you just picking someone up FROM the Grammys, if so, you get a pass.
Leather Pants?
Black Eyed Peas
The Black Eyed Pease (though I dont think these were their main outfits there goes that word again)

Billy Joel Armstrong (Green Day)

I happen to like this suit, the red does it for me.


I am not THE biggest fan of patterned suits, but I am THE biggest fan of Lonnie Common. I like the red and white polka dot.

David Guetta

If you havent noticed by now (Jamie Foxx’s performance) these military/captain/George Washington shirts are back, and I like it. I have a dress that has the same look. So I like the jacket, but everything else we’ll blame on “self-expression”

Jamie Foxx

Speaking of Jamie, he looked very dapper. I love the suit jacket. I’m uber excited that I’m not the only one who wears glasses when the sun isn’t out. Hey, I’m a legend in my own mind, me and Jamie!

Jonas Brothers

Very cute, the little ones bow tie is crooked, but they look cute, especially the one in the middle. I don’t know their names at all. Should I be ashamed?

Justin Bieber

 Another one we’ll put into the “self-expression” category.

Keith Urban

I usually like guys shirts to be buttoned up, but at least he’s not hairy and actually gives you something to look at other than his chest (tattoo). The suit is kind of shiny but I like this look.

Kid Cudi

This makes me think of eating bread with nothing else,  no butter or jelly or jam, just plain bread.

Linkin Park

I thought they all looked really nice, I love the skinny ties.

Lionel RichieLionel Richie

So nice I had to post twice! Go Lionel!

John Legend

I would have liked if he unbuttoned the suit jacket to show the cardigan, I like it though, minus the shiny. *rolls eyes*

The Situation

I like the blue shirt, I dislike that its open, but I love the color. He should button at least one more button. Come on babe.


Oh you need me to say it louder? DADDYS HOME!!! I’m so happy that Usher is “back” and he brought sexy along with him. He also gets an A plus!
So for my dear friend (I know you’re watching) I would choose the NeYo, the Jamie Foxx, and of course the Usher for you, maybe even that first Lionel Richie picture, I liked that too. Anywho, there you have it. The Grammy’s (Mens Edition) 

8 thoughts on “Grammys (Mens Edition)

  1. C’mon Musiq?!?!? Really, what was he thinking??? “The gold shoes son, the gold shoes is gonna kill’em!!!”

    Could just be me, but someone needs to inform Neyo that hoop earrings are only reserved for Mr. Clean and Iron Sheiks!

    If Tarrentino(sp?) outfit wasn’t bad, his intro for Drake, Em and Wayne was even more embarrassing…Dude, you’re not black…but i’m sure he’s had his fair share of black cooter. And is that the chick from Wayne’s World? Why does her hair line look so circular?

    LMAO @ your Seal comment…just goes to show ya, it’s not all about image!

    The kid Justin looks like a “Pat”…is he a man or a woman??? He could definitely pass for a dike. I’d suggest he keep that wholesome image and never do anything to spend anytime behind bars…

    Now i’m not fashion guru by any stretch, I actually up until recently hated shopping cause i could never fit anything. But, I will admit with the new sexy I have found the experience getting a little better and I was for a time buying stuff a little more extra smedium than need be cause i wanted to show off the new body. However, i still can’t get with this skinny phase, as you put it. Keith Urban outfit looks like it hurts…you can count the pubic hairs on his nuts through that suit! And that button holding John Legends suit together must be reinforced by steel cause it looks like it’s holding on for dear life. I’ve always hated dressing up (again probably because of my Black Sheep “fat guy in a little coat” syndrome) but if i have to do it, i’d think i’d still want to be as comfortable as possible and those suits look hella uncomfortable.

    If i had to choose i’d go with Jamie, Usher, Common or Lionels. I’d have to work on the sexy a little bit more and learn Spanish to pull off The Situation (LMAO @ his name), only guys with exotic looks and accents or names like The Situation can get away with that shit…

    • You truly crack me up! I knew Justin looked all to familiar! Only you Tone only you. Now as far as the skinny looks, (John Legend & Keith Urban) they just look kind of, I dont know extra, I just despise shiny suits, I didnt like it when puffy did it and I dont like it now.

      I’m not going to front “The Situation” is a tight name, almost tighter than my own (Kane). Sometimes I wish i’d have come up with it first.

      “Oh who me? My name is the situation” and I do this goofy nod and smile, with a wink. Like yeaa, thats right…”The situation” and i’d say it twice like that to, in a cool tone lol.

  2. Yo! I gotta go with Usher(1), Common(2) and Kid Cudi gets an Honorable Mention ’cause he’s worn some questionable shyt in the past.

    I’m not into the skinny, skinny, shiny suits & WTF!? was Musiq wearing? Him and Shannon Sharpe must share the same tailor.

    I scrolled back through … throw Jamie in the top 3hree!

    • I dont know why Musiq came out of the house like that, it was really disrespectful to be honest. I shuold do a womens edition, but that would take at least an hour and a half, lol blah!

  3. Thanks for writing about this. There’s a heap of important tech information on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your website. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs pretty current, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a solid job with this one. How do you do it?

  4. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eww i hate justin bieber i mean hes okay but im really not a fan and when girls are all over him i just roll my eyes………on the other hand………taylor lautners pretty hott….

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