What iKeish DOESN’T want for V Day!

If you know me, and they know that I am not extremely picky or undeserving, I usually accept bad gifts with a smile, but I feel a change in myself and thought it would be nice to at least vent here about the things that I DO NOT want for Valentines Day.

For one, the infamous chocolates.

Keep em, thats right give them to your mother. Theres nothing that I can do with a box of chocolates besides sit at work and eat them one after another, looking pitiful. Besides, you know I’m shooting for the Jet Beauty of the Week pretty soon, don’t mess up a good thing.

A Teddy Bear, not even the one you took the time to build at Build-A-Bear workshop, unless you’re my two-year old child.

I have tons of  bears big ones small ones ugly ones. And I keep them all because who wants to throw away a stuffed animal? It doesn’t mean I want it cluttering up my room. It honestly looks tacky…”We grown out here Craig”

Dinner and a movie, omg thats boring, besides if you’re a good boyfriend this is usually a guaranteed outing at least twice a month, there’s nothing at all romantic about that. Especially if we’re long terming it.

A gift card, on to the next. I think its impersonal, and if you don’t know my style by now enough to pick out something nice for me, then we may need to re-evaluate “us”.

Everything else is free rein. I guess I’m just not into the traditional gifts as listed above. I want something that actually requires some thought.

If you know your girl is into art, take her to a museum, body paint with her.

If its music she loves, make her a cd, write her a poem, sing softly to her in her ear. If you’re local then you know Bilal is coming to KC on 02/13/2010, take her to see him, no matter how much you think he’s mocking Prince. Try secretly learning to play an instrument in 12 days and on the 14th play it for her…naked.

If she likes to shop, take the time to pick out a nice black dress for her, and some sexy pumps. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress, she will love it.

There are so many other ways to enjoy the holiday. I’m pretty easy to please, I’d like a Blackberry, a walk in the park, a nice Coach Bag, breakfast in bed, a Tiffany’s Tennis Bracelet, a subtle cologne..I’m really not that expensive. 🙂

So for anyone out there who’s shopping for iKeish, I really hope this helps.


7 thoughts on “What iKeish DOESN’T want for V Day!

  1. When did Valentines Day turn into Christmas? Seriously women are so needy these days its irritating.A dinner and roses should be good enough,not gift cards or taking her shopping.Valentines Day is meant to express love,not to break the bank.And what about women buying their man something or doing something memorable?Valentines Day is not meant just for women to enjoy.I truely hate how todays relationships work,my grandmother and grandfather did not celebrate Valentines Day because they agreed one day does not represent ones love for another.Relationships today have turned into financial hardships.Seriously women will leave their man if he can’t foot the bill or provide for her as she see fit.Relationships these days are not 100/100, they’re 80 20,and it goes both ways.It seems like someone brings more to the table than the other.Love these days are just teardrops and heartbreaks!Thanks for reading.

    • No, thank you Ray!

      Some of the stuff I mentioned didnt cost a thing, museums are free, walks in the park free…etc etc. Its all about thought, and the traditional gifts have no thought, V day goes both ways true, and for that I’ll send you some roses. Ralph Tresvant!!!

  2. *jots down naked instrument playing idea* gonna tuck that one away in my bag of tricks…thx pimpin!

    I’ve learned from years of pimpology that you actually have to listen to woman every now and again. You don’t have to retain everything, but similar to taking notes in college, just jot down a few key points enough to pass the test.

    When you find her favorite childhood book she miss placed years ago, or make her a card with a picture you took of the two of you on the inside or send her a video of a rose with her favorite song playing in the background (did it, she melted 🙂 it makes a world of difference, won’t cost you much of anything and might just get you more than the little bit of something she was planning on giving you that night cause she just knew you wasn’t gonna get it right….

    Believe me the pain you actually have to endure to catch these tiny jewels will pay off in major dividends in the long run 🙂

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