Fuq It Fridays

Yo, I know I’m late but so what, its Fuq it Fridays, and its snowing like crazy out this bitch! This is the one day of the week that I act like a plum fool, so here goes.

Taylor Swift, why does she always act like she’s so surprised that she wins awards, it was cute at the MTV awards (isn’t that when Ye interrupted her?) Now its like dude, you know you’re tight go up there with some swag about yourself, because 16 (or is it 15) is my jam!

Swag! Everyone wants to retire the word in 2010, I say fuq that I like it and I’ve never over used it so I will continue to put it where it fits.

Beyonce this Beyonce that. Whats wrong with you people. A sista friend of mine Mrs. Kina Golightly said it best.

“I wouldn’t tell you to quit your job for a year just because I was tired of seeing your face.”

I don’t know and never will know why people concern themselves so much in another persons business. “She was grabbing her crotch” well Gaga (whom I love) came out with half her snatch out…or not, who knows. But no one has mentioned that. My people, my people.

I had the audacity to tell someone “no” the other day, now they wont even speak to me. Ask me if I care much because I dont. I am tired of inconveniencing myself for others. Besides, there were other things that I needed to do and in no way was I going to…you know what nevermind. I said “no” she’s mad…fuq that too!

“You women need to quit shaving the sides of your hair, that isht looks stupid, grow it back!” First off I look fly, secondly my sides arent shaved off, thirdly as a man too bad you can’t grow your weenus back. The things that I read on Facebook make me both giggle and gag at the same time.

You all know the routine, today is your day to be an asshole!!!


6 thoughts on “Fuq It Fridays

  1. I feel you. There’s no reason to acted surprised when you know you’re going to win. You don’t have to be an ass about it, but you can be confident. That’s how I feel about Avatar. I know that movie is walking away with a ton of awards. So there’s no reason for anyone associated with that movie to play coy. It’s a winner…pointblank…period.

    Yeah, people like to point out what certain celebs do ‘wrong’. Like you said fuq it. If you’re a celeb fuq what people gotta say. That’s why I respect Lil Wayne. Like he says ‘I don’t care what NOBODY thinks about me or what I do….NOBODY!’ That’s the kind of attitude I believe more celebs & people should have. If your life is secure and good…you should have better things to do than focus on the negativity that outsiders spew at you.

    Fuq It! *chucks a deuce*

    • Hmm, I think I heard something about the actors of Avatar being pissed because they didnt get an Oscar nom. I remember hearing that on the tom Joyner morning show, DL Hughley said it. I dont know how true it is though, may want to check my sources. I havent seen that movie…so its good huh?

      • Yeah, I enjoyed it.

        I’m not sure about the actors receiving any nods, but I’m sure that movie is going to take the director, graphics & likely the music/sounds awards. But this is just my opinion.

  2. Wow! This is so amazing and surprising. I can’t believe it. I’d like to thank Capital G’Dizzle, my Mom, Harry Potter and Bugs Bunny … Fuq Taylor

    Fuq Bey … not because she has dominated this shyt for the past decade {Kudos} but because I don’t like that fake humbleness she gives us in every interview … sitting up, back all straight & shyt.

    Fuq Jay Z for trying to kill Autotune … I like that shyt. T-Pain keep doing yo’ thang.

    Fuq this weather.

    • lol, Mr Tramuel tell us how you really feel. How do you know shes faking? I like it, a good ol all American Girl is what she is…she doesnt spit in public, or curse, or cry, or orgasm loudly. Yep shes the breath of fresh air America needs. Ok, but aside from all the sarcasm, I like Bey, sure her interviews are fairly boring, but her music is nice 🙂

      I’m going to admit, someone I know has that app on their iphone, I am T-Pain, and iKeish enjoys the hell out of it, hours upon hours will be wasted on that thing and I dont mind because even “Bitch fuck you” sounds so awesome when its said on auto-tune.

      The End!

      Thanks for your input!

  3. I can’t stay mad long enough to say fug anything, so fuq that, fuq it all!!! And my taxes aren’t working out exactly the way i wanted, so fuq that…can I borrow a dollar???

    BTW, i like your hair 🙂

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