Reality TV? (Emphasis on Real)

I would like to say that I do not watch reality tv, I would like to say that its silly and embarrassing and doesn’t depict women well at all, I would like to say that we should all boycott these love shows, because they are demeaning…but I wont say any of that.

I am willing to admit that I am highly entertained by reality tv, but I am not new to this. My favorite show as a child was COPS that was my grown up show, made me feel like I was in the grown people circle. So maybe that’s why I don’t get too wrapped up in Reality TV, because since the 80’s COPS has been the only REALITY TV show that you can rely on. Think little Tyrone is a paid actor if you WANT TO! *billy club to the head and ribs*

This post, brought to you in part by VH1’s For the Love of Ray J…

Okay so I didn’t actually watch the reunion show, but I did catch the main part, the part that had my friends texting me telling me

“you need to see this, Ray J was so foul”

“if a man talks like that to a woman he couldn’t possibly respect his mama”

“Ray was sloppy, and out of line”

“He got up in her face like he was going to hit her”

By now, I’m amped, I cant wait to see what Ray has done. I visited Necole Bitchies site (because she has all the gooT shyt) and I caught the video. By the time Ray came out I was in tears, not because I was sad, not even because I was giggling like crazy, but because I couldn’t believe Cocktail (real name unknown) went on there hating like that.

(Fast  forward 5:43 mark)

“I’m just looking our for Mz. Berry! I like her, Ray told me he has a woman at home..blah blah blah”


This calls for Lil Jon’s HOOOOWWWHHHAAATTT?!?!?!?! I’m really tripping, people are really mad because of the way Ray reacted? People are really saying Ray is foul, he’s scandalous? Again I scream HHOOOWWWHHAAATTT???

So for those of you who are brainwashed into believing Reality TV is real, here are a few tips to look for…k?

Key Points to note:

Ray you told me you had a girl at home and this was business

Do people still say duh? Because this calls for one.

I could have paid you, if thats what you wanted, I would have paid you, you didnt have to come here!

Messing up Rays livelihood, whats he gonna do? Go back to singing? All he has is Vh1 right now silly broad.

1.) You cannot find real love in two weeks, while competing against strippers, models, and women of the night.

2.) Theres always a season 2 always!

3.) Realistically there are not 16 women to one man, I don’t care who you are, I promise one of those women has a man at home, is married, or is sleeping with the pool boy.

4.) *piggy back from 3* Theres no way a woman is going to share her man with 15 other chicks, knowingly, and on TOP of that fall in love with him.

5.) Junk (Real Chance) Chardonnay (Ray J1) Cocktail (RayJ1) Bucky (FOL) etc etc, have all hosted parties, made sex tapes, or been in a rap video AFTER the show. Do you see the connection?

Feel free to add to the list….

Also, if you believe this reality shyt and truly are mad at what Ray J did, or how he handled it. Then you truly believe that its okay to exploit women, make them jump through hoops for “love” and possibly give them the kissing disease. You, my friend are not the sharpest tool in the box…bless your little heart. For Goodness Sake! He made a song called P*ssy Fight, who in their right mind would take anything he does seriously?

Love you Ray J!!!

The Juliets of Reality TV. These are just a few of my favorites. How dare anyone exploit these womens need to be in love…shameful.


7 thoughts on “Reality TV? (Emphasis on Real)

  1. I’m glad you be speaking on things and er’thang. I’ve listened to folk rant & rave about Wale, Ray-J & Reggie Kardashian {Opps! I mean Bush} … “Why are we so concerned that we fall for tricks from a trickless magicians!”

    To: Ray-J / VH1 an excellent foil.
    To: You who are upset, don’t get carried away so easily. Exercise more prudence & care.

    Magic Always,

    • Ray J should have stood up, and yelled “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!!???” That would have gotten him a movie deal, i’m sure of it. Instead he ran off the stage, I bet he cried in the car. Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush…I couldnt be less interested in either of the two.

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