Somewhere someone is pissed, and elsewhere someone is ctfu!!!

Someone is laying down to go to sleep, with a fat smile on their faces, not because they are so impressed with their weekend or the fact that work starts tomorrow, and its their last week before vacation. No, this is more of a goofy smile. Someone black, white, or otherwise just finished watching “Freak Nik” The Musical on Cartoon Network, and it tickled the shit out of them.

I bet you think I’m going to go all African-American Negro Black African Angela Davis right now…but I’m not. I only caught the last of it of which someone said something about a money order, (I’ve been doing homework) and didn’t even look up from my laptop, I just smirked, and shook my head.

*heavy sigh* You guys really need to figure out who you are…as simple as that…like we get mad that on Black History Month, the NBC studios had a lunch special that included Chicken, Greens and Red Koolaid (okay I’m kidding about Red Koolaid, but that would have been the icing on the cake for me mm good) and some of the workers there got downright offended. Fine, fine, cool, cool…peace. All I’m saying is if that’s you…RIDE THAT SHIT OUT, you cannot pick and choose when to be PRO BLACK…I forbid it. Thats worse than “Uncle Tom”-ing it if you ask me, and though no one did, I’m still going to talk about it.

Look, there’s going to be a lot of racially charged mumbo jumbo hitting the airwaves soon, and all I’m saying is choose a side and choose it early. If the cartoon offended you (highly understandable) cool. If it didn’t (also highly understandable) cool, but don’t fake, shuck, and jive about it.

My opinion…well I didn’t watch it, I think some N bombs were dropped, but I don’t know for sure, but hey I drop the N bomb from time to time too soooo. I guess I’m desensitized, Riley (my daughter) is asleep, its damn near midnight, and I’m far too tired to truly care, I have a real life to tend to. But, if you’re one of those ignorant people whose only real life interaction with “The Blacks” comes from when you visit Wal-Mart, I must say…that cartoon scratch that, in fact a lot of shit on TV doesn’t depict us well. I’ve both realized and swallowed that pill, anyone who judges a FULL race off of TV is an ass munch.

The End…..but first


2 thoughts on “Somewhere someone is pissed, and elsewhere someone is ctfu!!!

  1. “Ass Munch” Indeed.

    I caution folks to not give into “Positive Image Mentality” ;a phrase coined by author Nelson George that suggests that the crux (among other things) of Black upward mobility is the concept that we must reject any and ALL information that highlights the flaws of African-American lifestyles & nuances, whether they are blatant truths or stereotypes.

    “Ride that shit out”

  2. There is no doubt that people enjoy making a big fuse out of things. Sometimes things that they don’t even care about or that don’t even effect them. That’s just the way of the world and how people are. They like to be a part of ‘the cause’.

    Personally, there are things that I think people take too seriously and other things that they don’t take serious enough. I think it just comes down to people choosing to fight the battles that they presume that they can win. Who wants to tackle the problems that effect cultures and races as a whole when they can choose to be a part of a small ‘fight’ that will only effect a very small population of people.

    People are afraid of real change…but they always want to give off the illusion that they are willing to fight for change.

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