My Hiatus’

They’re getting longer, I know. It’s almost as if I have completely turned my back on my precious blog, but I promise I have not, I have been neglectful as always. I find it hard that as a writer I have to force myself to write. Or maybe I havent been “feeling” as much as I used to. Even that’s hard to believe, I am a Pisces so I am an emotional wreck by nature. Maybe everyone around me is dull and no one evokes feelings from me anymore, yea that could be the case, blame my circle of “friends”. I went to the Jay Z concert on 3/19/10. I could say he stole my soul but God knows I’d stopped frequenting my site way before then. I am not EXCITED, nor am I DEPRESSED. I’m perfectly at a medium right now, and that’s not something to complain about….is it? I have happily constructed the walls of my life to keep drama and foolishness out, and now I’m thinking this may have been a mistake. I am living a basic life right now, does this make me a basic bitch  chick too? lol even I had to laugh at that as we all know Keisha could never be basic.

I don’t know what it is…I know that I will make a schedule for my writing as I do with anything else. Starting Sunday, I’ll commit to making three posts per week as I was doing before. This is my promise to myself 🙂 Goodnight.


3 thoughts on “My Hiatus’

  1. We with you one hunid’ … I can relate, I haven’t posted anything in a while but I’ve tried to make it a point to make my rounds and kick some knowledge on others pages.

    Three post er’ week? (Rhetorical) Cool, I’m all in.

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