I know way too many people here right now
that I didn’t know last year; who the fuck are y’all?
I swear it feels like the last few nights
we’ve been everywhere and back but, I just can’t remember it all
What am I doin? What am I doin?
Oh, yeah, that’s right, I’m doin me
I’m doin me, I’m livin life right now mayne
And this what I’ma do ’til it’s over, ’til it’s over
But it’s far from over

I love this song, its hot and they say that Drake is one of the hottest rappers doing it right now, but get your guns ready because iKeish disagrees, yes even before “Thank Me Later” Debuts in May, or is it June, or maybe it’ll be July? I’m not TOO impressed, not to take anything from your beloved Drake, my wood interest just has not reached its full peak, ya know? So um yea, shoot me. Besides, I’ve been listening to the likes of J. Cole, when he comes out you’ll know why, and that’s all I need to say, in fact let me post a video for you guys, hehehehe.


This nigga right here nigga, this nigga right here nigga…waaaay colder then DRAKE! *iKeish shrug*

I don’t mind if you niggas hate, just know you hatin on that nigga, nigga get it straight


Okay I lost myself, let me pull my skirt back down *ahem*

Whenever Drake does drop the album people are going to flock to it, hell so am I, as previously stated I love “Over” and honestly he’s a talented guy. He doesn’t evoke the same feeling from me that Kanye did in 2005 with “The Wire” I’ve been strong with Kanye from the start, he had a strong buzz, just like Drake, and he came through, 808’s and Heartbreak may not have been as solid as his previous albums, but come on people his mom had just passed, but I digress.

This was just my chance to post Drakes video for those of you who havent gotten the chance to see it. (Highly doubtful, all of my readers are on top of shit) and see what your honest opinions of it are. Personally, I like it much better then the Kanye directed “Best I Ever Had”. It’s interesting, you can tell that Drake would like to keep the focus on himself, which is good, sans all the video vixens, he is able to keep the spotlight. So for your viewing pleasure, hers Drakes….”Over”!

Fav part has to be at the 0:42 mark when the beat drops, and he starts the bob

Oh yea, that’s right I’m doing meeee, I’m doing meeee


7 thoughts on “Drake-Over

  1. No doubt J. Cole is “t!his nigga right here” Definitely on the rise, Drake has the “machine” behind him which makes folk love him or leave him alone. I fuggs with them both! Kendrick Lamar, B.O.B will change the direction of Hip-Hop & set the stage on fire too.

    I’ma go waayyy left field and say folk are really sleeping on Joe Budden! T!his. His lyrics & flow are so underrated. I’m Mr.TramueL and I approve this response.

    *Drops Mic. Walks off stage spitting mad fire son!* “♬I don’t need shelter from the downpour,♫ y’all could be whatever you want,♪ just not my downfall!♬”

    • I’m sleep, gagged, drugged, passed out, comatose, about Budden. All I can say is REALLY? I like good music, I love Hip Hop but um REALLY, Mr. TramueL I need some proof…if this guy is hot fiyah and I’ve been sleep this long, I may need to place myself in hip hop time out. The line you quoted was sick…sick enough to intrigue me.

  2. They both are dope lyricist with two very unique styles. In my opinion they both are a much need breath of fresh air. I own nearly all of the mixtapes that both of them have released.

    I found out about Drake late but was drawn to his style how he raps & sings. I thought that was really dope. And I learned about J. Cole when I heard the track that he released with my cousin B. Hines. After that I was hooked on his flow just like Drake’s.

    Since Drake’s album has been pushed back so many times & has been so hyped it makes me believe that there is no way it’s going to live up to all the hype. I’m not nearly as excited for his album as I was say…a year ago. But I’m sure it will be decent…or maybe it will be even more than that. Only time will tell. At this point though I’m more interested in getting my hand on J. Cole’s album when it drops.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing both videos too!

    • Both are dope, I agree. J.Cole has a LOT of passion in his lyrics, Drake as well. The only difference is (like you said) Drakes machine is stronger, there are NO J. Cole CD’s in rotation (here in KC) I dont know about elsewhere, my first notice of J. Cole was on Jay’s “A Star Is Born” which caused me to look him up and I’ve been impressed every since. Drake, on the other hand, is EVERYWHERE….you aint never there (sorry couldnt resist). Everytime I look up, Drakes on a hook, and this is cool but I think hes over saturated the industry.

  3. Drake doesn’t do it for me. I regard him like I did Bow-NonWow. Plus, that 808s and Heartbreaks was cold. It has to grow on you. I think Love Lockdown was what hit me first, then Welcome to Heartbreak. Then Amazing and See You in My Nightmares and the list goes on. The thing is, Kanye talks about himself and his experiences and not how he’s trying to fit into some notion of what an true artist and entertainer is or just “trying to be” a rapper like some folks. SMH!

  4. I felt the pain in Kanyes album, it still gets play when I’m in one of my moods, I respect him as a lyricist. Now, Drake may be more of an entertainer of sorts, behind the Young Money facade, and catchy one liners, I think he has some “spit” to him, but hes with one of th most mainstream record labels out, so he has to go with the “flow” or lack thereof. We shall see what he brings to the table, so far I’m not uber impressedor as excited as I was when Kanye to da…first came out.

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