No really guys, stand up and find me a job, a great apartment, and a decent school district for the little one because I LOVE it there. For all the violence broadcasted about Chicago on the news, and all the craziness that’s happened there, I still love the city and the people. Even better I love the music that the streets evoke, whether it’s from the dingy skate parks, the corner stores,  or even from the hot ass clubs in the wild hunnids where the chicks sport J’s and sweat their hair out from juking all night to house music. There is a story to be told, and through music its done very well.

Lupe Fiasco is no newbie when it comes to his story telling skills, I was honored to go to his concert last night, I felt overdressed, surrounded by distressed jeans, vans, hats, track jackets, lip rings, leather jackets, and army fatigue. Even in my 4 inch fuchsia heels I managed to enjoy myself and feel as if I was where I was supposed to be.

“there is no need for war, because war…is not…coooooool” 

somebody pass me a J. *inhales*

I’ve never been one of those big mouth mainstream bashers, I hold true to my beliefs within, and I believe that there is a thin line between rap and hip hop, though very thin, the line is still apparent. Lupe Fiasco…is and always will be in my hip hop category along with Rakim, Jay Z, Notorious, Wale, Big Daddy Kane, Talib Kweli, Common, Andre 3000…I mean I could do this shit for days. The concert was awesome, and though no mosh pit was actually formed, I still felt as if I was floating.

BTW, mosh pits aren’t just meant for rock concerts anymore, lol you guys have it confused, hip hop isnt french for “niggas that don’t smile” in fact its the complete opposite, take that chip off your shoulder and blow that shit out*

*exhales the weed smoke*

DISCLAIMER: I don’t ACTUALLY smoke weed, in fact drugs are bad. DON’T do them EVER! Unless you have to, like when you’re super stressed out and you lost your job, and its a Friday and you aint got shit else to do.

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3 thoughts on “Kick…Push…Coast…

  1. These are some of the best emcees in chicago, I made this mix for them!!!! Tell me what u think about it

  2. The females on this mix are nice, the men are too, but it makes you wonder why they are mainstream, you know what? Nevermind know it doesnt, thanks for the mix!

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