T.I. I’m Back

Pull up in a blue coupe that’s damn near clear
And Polo gear that won’t drop ’til next year
Be like this here, Cartier frames and Pierre Jouet wristwear
T.I.P. your majesty’s right c’here
Notice when I came the dames disappeared, ya lames listen here
To play me, ba-by, hey he,
gone need a track from God featuring Jesus or Jay-Z

*Excuse the Ebonics, even it was hard for me to read lol*

I have an affinity for TIP. I loved his first album “I’m Serious” which dropped in 2001, (actually I could appreciate the first three before “King”). When “King was released, I don’t know but something changed for me, and it was downhill ever since. Even with that being said I continued to purchase his following albums thinking “Hey this might be THE ONE”…only to get it home and realize that all the hype was nothing but a 4 inch penis, that had a problem with premature ejaculation, let down with 4 maybe 5 decent tracks of music. I felt like TI may have been going through that awkward phase that boys go through when they get pimples, and their voice starts to change, and everything is just strange. Thats the stage TI was going through in his hip hop career, so I was hopeful that one day my little trapping man would turn into a big boy, and HE DID with the release of his last CD before being sentenced to prison. It was awesome, yet I need not dwell on that, I will say this, I felt his growth, and I was proud.

Late nights I find myself riding through the city blasting his latest track “I’m Back” and though I’ve never been anywhere like prison I can appreciate the song for more than the beat. Now I don’t really know about all the hip hop “beef” so I will safely assume that he’s speaking to the genre of Hip Hop in general and not a particular rapper. Anyway, without further ado…here is TI’s.. “I’m Back” opinions welcome, but not truly considered…ok, I kid…enjoy

Hey, you can the bottom partner I’m gon bring the sky box
I got shit locked down nigga why stop now
I’m so above you hover over suckers why drop down
I’m so profound it’s goes down and I never let you down

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5 thoughts on “T.I. I’m Back

  1. I think these are the tracks T.I still shines on, were he feels he has something to prove or goes against another rapper. He has about one or two of these per CD. But it just feels like since King, he’s run out of things to spit about, I put Em and 50 in that category too. I hope he comes with a good effort this go round.

    • I couldnt agree more! He goes so much harder when he feels he’s being challenged, otherwise he becomes complacent, which is a curse in any industry, you have to stay sparking even if no one wants it with you. Jay Z is my favorite rapper because he doesnt get complacent. True, that one CD he came out of retirement was not that nice, but the ones before and after made up for it.

    • “Don’t Believe the Hype!!!”

      Money, cash, cars, clothes, hos….

      I guess one must rap about whats around them, which is fine, but dont lose yourself within it. You have to maintain your roots, that way the 12th album will show growth but also have the same depth as the first one, it keeps your old fans interested and your new fans biting. What do I know though lol? I’m no rapper…nosireebob, I’m just opinionated.

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