Find Your Love

If some of you follow me on twitter you know that on first listen I was not a fan of the song, I stated that I was sure that it would grow on me just as 808’s and heartbreak did.

Lo and Behold it did just that, and now that the video has been released, I’m feeling it even more. The drums go well with the video, and besides the fact that Drake is the only light-skinned brother in Jamaica (in this video) it was pretty good. I still say that Drake is a better lyricist than he is a vocalist, but it’s not like my ears are bleeding.

Who is the young lady you ask? Thats Houston dancer Maliah Michel, she and Drake have awesome chemistry in this video. Its been said that the two are dating, but for some reason I find that hard to believe.

Either way, I like the video, it’s a step up from the previous Kanye directed videos. I like anything that tells a story or maybe I just like Jamaica, for some reason the video puts me in a Jamrock, Shottas, Belly kind of mood (I know Belly was not a completely Jamaican movie)

Great mini movie Aubrey! I’m so glad you didnt decide to end it with “To Be Continued” I hate that!

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6 thoughts on “Find Your Love

  1. Its gonna need to grow on me, but it wasn’t a bad song. I wasn’t a fan of 808, and that immediately came to mind. I think the ladies will like it and thats important for him and his sales. I’m still hoping for a debut CD similar to Kanye’s first. Clever lyrics with some nice soulful hooks in there and he has the vocals to pull that off.

    • Yea, a lot of people say that it was meant for Kanyes 808’s. It certainly sounds like it, but I love the way the beat pulsates. Perhaps it was made for women, a couple of guys who have heard he track were not very big fans either, but for what its worth….at least the chick in the video is thick…? *iKeish shrug*

  2. produced by Kanye West. I am soooo sure he is trying to end Drakes career on a low. The video makes the song a little easier to put up with. Won’t add it to my ipod but hey the video was cool.

    • Thanks for reading J!

      I guess I’m the only one that this has grown on lol. I really like it, the lyrics, the video, the beat, the…everything. Is it because I’m a female? C’mon there has GOT to be at least one male who digs this song!

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