The ArchAndroid

The term…

We about to put Kansas City on the map

…needs to be shot, revived, thrown in the Missouri River, fished out, strangled, and then shot again.

Rather its Kansas City, Missouri, or Kansas City, Kansas, talent is yet alive and well, I could ramble off a host of names to back this up, but it truly isn’t needed, because Miss Janelle Monae can hold her own in this light.

Hailing from Kansas City, Kansas (and yes she is unashamed, she proudly confessed this to me in a Q&A on twitter) Janelle Monae is just *sigh* just bursting at the seams with talent. I’m sure you’ve witnessed her performance on Rip the Runway this year, full of energy! You can also hear her angelic yet powerful voice on the following:

*Idlewild Soundtrack (if you don’t have this album GET it…stop reading this and get it NOW!!!)

*Got Purp? Volume 2

*Metropolis Suite I: The Chase (1st Album)

Well today 05/18/2010, she released The ArchAndroid, an 18 track trip into the psych of Miss Janelle Monae.

This entry is pending, and will return after my trip to Best Buy to pick up art in the form of music. I suggest you do the same, I have no doubt that this album will be awesome.

This is a video of the cover shoot for URB magazine, features some awesome background vocals! And cute outfit choices! Enjoy lovies!

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*this just in* I copped it, love it, best 8.00 I ever spent, yes people its 7.99 in stores now, 18 tracks, do yourself a favor.


One thought on “The ArchAndroid

  1. A friend of mine is really good friends with her and use to work for her…so i’ve heard about her for a minute. Her and Andre 3000 need to do a song/video together…if they haven’t already…i will admit i’m out to the loop music wise as of late. I like her though…she just weird enough to get it! oh, i like her music too 🙂

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