Never Give A F*@K!

Who is Brandon Carter?

Well I’m glad you asked. He is an up and coming rapper who hails from the Southside of the Chi.  He now makes his home in NYC.  The combination of model good looks and abs that would make you look at ya man sideways and point him towards Bally’s, aren’t something you expect from rappers today.  Most of them just show up with baggy jeans (or tight) a million tats and pretty much look like they just Never Give a Fuck.  That just happens to be the title of Brandon Carter’s latest mixtape released 5/18/10.  I was first introduced to Mr. Carter on The Audacity of Dope which featured the remix of Justin Timberlake’s Set the Mood.  This song and video literally had me on the floor rolling.  Since then Brandon has released several remixes and another mixtape.  Most recently he created a remix to Lloyd Banks’ Beamer Benz or Bentley called Subway, Bus or Walking that had the internet on fire. On Never Give a Fuck, Brandon again pulls from JT on Round the World. The video for this single is breathtaking, featuring exotic locals and women of international flavors.  Other notable tracks include On My Way, If its alright, Fly Shit, and Nothing on Me.  This latest mixtape is definitely worth the free download!  Keep an eye out for him…he’s the next big thing!

iKeish’s Two Cents: After listening to the mixtape, I conclude that Brandon Carter is a entertainer, cant wait to SEE more of this guy. 🙂 

“I got the muthafuckin….TV dinners, I got the muthafuckin pornography”

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5 thoughts on “Never Give A F*@K!

  1. LMAO!!! And if it’s that time of the month, i’m gonna go and get the towels!!!

    The Axe shit had me rollin!!!

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