Ike and Tina

Wow BREEZY, I mean that’s all I can say!

I like the video, for some reason after that craziness he released with Tyga (the video of him rapping) I just knew that this was going to be bullsh!t, but he’s proven me wrong, and I’m happy for that. The Rihanna vs. Chris Brown debacle needs to fizzle out in my opinion.

Speaking of Rihanna!

I love this song, makes me want to find her album (I am terrible with CD’s)

6 inch walka, big shyt, talka, I never play the victim I’d rather be the stalker, so baby take me in, I’ll disobey the law,  make sure you frisk me good, check my panties and my bra!



5 thoughts on “Ike and Tina

  1. That lil’ ninja can dance! That w(ho)re can perform! … Listen, listen, listen “ho” is merely short for honey! I just got lazy and drop the ‘ney like when she dropped to her knees.

    I’m a fan of both. I agree it needs to be put behind them so they can get on with the business of doing what they love, what we love! Music. Word.

    • Rihanna is a woman of the night, dont get it twisted, shes sexy and I think I have a woman crush on her and Beyonce, like we wouldnt have to knock boots or anything, but I would cuddle with them *pause* no…homo?

      Chris is good, I think his career can be revived, if he just stops being so damn ANGRY! Its like he went on Larry King with a bowtie, forgive him already, geez! You know you done slapped your S/O upside the head a couple of times, dont judge him

      *touches earphone* THIS JUST IN…apparently iKeish is the only person who shows how much she loves a person with the use of her pimp hand.

      On a serious note, domestic violence is bad. Dont do it. The End

  2. I like both videos…Rihannas for more odvious reasons than Chris’s. It’s funny watching both of them now…especially Chris. Rihanna has always been edgy, but my son use to be Chris Brown’s biggest fan…that as like the only CD i could listen to when he was in the car with me…NOT AFTER THIS LAST ONE and especially this song. Chris Breezy has grown up and he’s getting IT IN! Probably was before, but he’s on his R. Kelly 12 shi right now…i guess he’s trying to keep up with Trey.

    • I got a Trey-ish vibe from this video as well, the Rihanna fiasco put him behind some, Trey has taken over and will NOT be easy for CB to get his spot back

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