Sex Room Ludacris f/Trey Songz

I don’t know about that leather turtle neck that Tremaine is wearing, other than that I’m pretty impressed with the video, makes me want to watch “The Hangover”  🙂


3 thoughts on “Sex Room Ludacris f/Trey Songz

  1. a skrippa pole in the shower…EUREKA!!! why didn’t i think of that…now that’s sexy!!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the “extras” in this video…i don’t watch videos nearly as much as i did when i was lets say in high school eleventy million years ago…forget how absolutely unattainable these women really are…where in the hell do they make these woman??? you must have to be a celeb to get allowed access to that VIP Land of the Voluptuous and Bootylicious!

    And i’m copping me one of those turtlenecks in every color… me and Trey will together bring it back like jeans with leather patches on the front…we have to cooooooordinate!

    • lol, you are crazy! You buy me one and I’m ROCKING it you hear me?!?!?! Yea those women aint no me, but they cute though, they cute, I was busy when they were filming the video

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