So, I got myself mentally ready for this because all day on twitter it was said that this is a tear-jerker! So I’m in my robe and my duck slippers in front of my CPU eating Butter Pecan Ice Cream, ready to ball…and I did just that. I even feel bad about talking about his leather turtleneck in the Sex Room video…okay not really

Trey Songz “Your Side of the Bed”

This is a very real video, I don’t know what did it for me though, was it the fact that she left behind a child, or the fact that they were so happily married? OR the fact that she died fighting for our country. Of course this is JUST a video, but it is reality to some people, and I shed tears for those families and our troops. Hopefully through music, and through THIS video, you will be moved to say a prayer, even if it is a tiny one.

~Be Blessed~


3 thoughts on “*Tear*

  1. way to ruin the video in your write up!!! can a brother get a spoiler alert or something! LMAO! I saw the sneak preview for this the other day…looks good…guess i’ll go finish it now…although i already know how it ends…boooooooooooooooooooo!

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