Fuck A Mixtape

I was planning to hold off on this until Free Music Friday, but I…just…cant

Released @ 8/7pm

I could not, I refuse to keep my readers waiting soooo here it is!

Fuck a Mixtape!!!

Clicking this link will send you to another site where the album is available for download as well as live streaming, ikeish.com will be up soon, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

1. Intro – Jamie Foxx

2. Welcome Back to the Trap

3. Spazz Out

4. Whatcha Sayin Tip

5. Yeah

6. Yeah You Know

7. Once Upon A Time

8. Here We Go Again

9. Get Yo Girl

10. Like So

11. Gettin Paid

12. Fuck a Mixtape Nigga! (Lil Duval)

13. Really Living Like That

14. Whether You Like it or Not

15. Shooting Range (Jamie Foxx)

16. No Competition

17. Bitch Who

18. Ready Set Go

19. Fuck a Mixtape (Kevin Hart)

20. Outro

21. Celebration

22. Got Your Back

Enjoy, teenage Jesus knows I will!!!!!


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