Cool Kid ALERT!!!!

Freshmen Blogger Screams Fashion, Food, and Travel Culture from an Inner City “Soapbox”

The cool kids table is officially complete, writing comes easy to most people, but GOOD writing is few and far between. I’ve had the honor of having an interesting fellow in my network of friends, and through all his efforts to advise me in channeling my work, he will be launching his very own weblog, dubya, dubya, dubya, dot his soap box dot com.

Simplification: the brain child of Darren “Jayar” Moten

The blog will focus on Jayar’s passions: Food, Fashion, and Travel. He seeks to reach a diverse audience, including many under-exposed young people from his childhood Kansas City neighborhood, with the message that travel breeds creativity.

If I know my readers, and I feel as if I do, then you’ve ALREADY clicked the hissoapbox link only to be welcomed with simply an introduction page. Fact is Jayar wont let us (you or me…which is kind of a drag since I’m special) inside until he reaches 1000 followers, either on twitter or via the facebook fan page. I don’t know about you, but this draws curiousity within me. So, let’s get this over with, follow Jayar on twitter: @hissoapbox, or become a fan of the facebook hissoapbox page. The sooner the better, not to mention there will be perks to doing so. Thanks for reading!


I know you’re asking …

“iKeish, m’lady…what does this have to do with music? I was expecting a review of some sort, a download, a video even”

and to that I say go to and DOWNLOAD the soundtrack to the weblog, you will be glad you did

Follow him @hissoapbox

Follow me  @iKeish


2 thoughts on “Cool Kid ALERT!!!!

  1. Been bumping this in my car all day…its one big track, but it works cause you can just pop it in and ride out! MANY THANKS!

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