Make Up Bag (Dream f/ TI)

I’ve heard this song a few times, and as always its “cute”. I think The Dream is known for putting out “cute” records, not to mention the fact that people call this guy “The Dream” without any hesitation, where the heck did that come from, who comes out and says “I want to be called ‘The Dream’ “? Seriously, that’s another rant in itself and that’s not the point of this post.

Every man has gone through this “she’s mad” scenario. You know when you put your key in that lock “she’s” going to be on the other side of that door pissed off. I enjoyed the song however buying me 5000 dollars worth of make up wont do much for my attitude…drop 5 stacks IN my make up bag, now that will get you out the doghouse   I also liked the video it helps that I am a HUGE Harlem Nights Fan

Quiiiiccck! Quiiiiiccccck! Ah he shot me! He shot me in my pinky toe!

Okay, sorry about that…Gooooo TIP!


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