The Game -Brake Lights

I woke up this morning to a timeline full of mentions by The Game about the new mixtape Brake Lights, nothing but good things were tweeted, of course you wouldn’t tweet things that people said negatively about you now would you?


So after like 50-leven different sites I finally got it downloaded, and thought I would share my opinion of it.

Can I be Frank?

I am a fan of The Game, although a lot of things get lost in translation with me, because well I’m no blood, and I’m not from Cali and believe it or not I have never purposely killed someone *side eye of death*

Unlike many other artists Game is able to put me right there in Compton with my red rag, looking as hard as a girl can, so what does get through to me, gets through pretty well.

The Mixtape is worth the download 🙂 So here you go…

“Voice raspy as ever….thanks to them shots”


“I aint frontin’ I dont know Pharell, he wear pastel colors, I wear the pain of the Soledad brothas”


Download Here (XXL)

Track Listing

Brake Lights ft. Busta Rhymes
-Trading Places ft. Snoop Dogg
-Cold Blood ft. Busta Rhymes & Dre
-MIA (3 Heats: Lebron James, Bosh, Wade)
-Stop ft. Rick Ross
-Street Riders ft. Akon & Nas
-Pushin It ft. T.I. & Robin Thicke
-Thats The Way The Game Goes ft. Shawty Lo
-Phantom Of The Opera
-Do It B.I.G. ft. Yung Joc
-You Are The Blood
-Get’em ft. Waka Flocka Flame
-Cherry Koolaid
-Heels & Dresses (X.O. ft. T.Y Dolla Sign)
-Stadium Music
-Hustlin (Champions Anthem)
-Bonus: Chevy Sittin’ feat Menace & YG



4 thoughts on “The Game -Brake Lights

  1. I could sooooo be a blood for the color, but i couldn’t wrap my mind around the senseless killing…plus Game lost all his coo points when he turned his butterfly into LA…not he’s Mr. Starface…c’mon son! LOL! But i’ll listen…hip hop made up of the most creative fake thugs now!

    • lmao, wait i forgot all about that, I mean a man cant have “Change of Heart” *get it get it?*

      Let me stop, I’m using it all for entertainment these days, from Rick Ross to Vanilla Ice, its all for entertainment, I dont believe half the things that some of these rappers rap about, which is another reason I think that anyone who models their life behind a rapper is an idiot, but there I go digressing again.

      Thanks for reading Tony, your opinion is always appreciated.

  2. You’re my hero…i’d follow you out the window…it would be a beautiful, jumping out the window…letting everything goooooo! -Kanye West

    Plus you’re pretty spot on with the music…i look to you and Sher to put me on sometimes. I’ve detached myself from the know…the music industry fatigued me!

    • Sher is a life saver and she doesnt even know it, I’m not as connected with the East Coast as I need to be, and she sort of closes that gap for me.

      Good for you I’d NEVER jump out the window! If I had to choose a way to die…I’d choose firing squad, cause I’m gangsta and shit.

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