Wale- More About Nothing


This is a sigh of relief, this mixtape means a lot to me, so screw you if you think my opinion is biased. True Wale fans know that he holds his own.

First off, let me start by saying a friend of mine helped in the production of this album. No guys, not a friend in my head…a real friend. He and his wife have been in my life since like 2004, and I appreciate them for the laughs, the knowledge, and the secret society clubs we created (FYFN)

I am loving this mix tape right now, its right up my alley (oh that sounded nasty)  its everything. The spoken word, the old school samples,  not to mention the  “Seinfield” drops which was created in part by my boy Larry David (love him). This is something I can relax and ride to, clean up my house to, chuckle to, and smoke to (if I smoked…and I don’t, I’m serious, I don’t).

Not just “waves” I am going to !SALUTE! @kosmik and @rorich and @Wale too… I like when people I like reach their goals, it makes me all warm inside 🙂

Download the MixTape More About Nothing below:

More About Nothing


5 thoughts on “Wale- More About Nothing

  1. I kid you not keisha, if you’re not right about this album im gonna tie you down and pour 15 5 hour energy drinks down your throat. lol, it is glad to see you back to blogging and blogging about something you truly love at that. Since I didn’t listen when you talked about j. cole I refuse to not be in the know this time around. #nowdownloading

    • Lol wait, now what now?

      I will take full responsibility if you dont at least like 10 out of the 21 tracks, I like them all, I’m going to listen to it again today.

      Look up J. Cole “Black Simba” when you get the chance (I think thats the title of his CD) its a dope album, doesnt get ANY mainstream play at all.

      Also, Jay Electronica, this guy is amazingly weird, but his “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit B” tracks are worth listening to as well.

  2. I was thrown by the name for a sec…cause there’s a famous Cosmic Kev (DJ)…i was about to say, let me find out. I knew he produced, but i thought we might of been in the presence of a legend for a sec…that would of been crazy…LOL!

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