Its Great to be Here -Wiz Khalifa

I like him!

I should probably say more than that huh? Okay…

At first glance Wiz looks like a typical inked up young boy with not much more to talk about than…I don’t know…whatever it is that little boys talk about (see Souljah Boy). When he opens his mouth you kind of prepare yourself for a few slick lines about jewelry, and money, and dont get me wrong you get that too, but there’s more to him then just that. He has more than just a quirk, he didn’t hit the scene in any outrageous way, he let his lyrics do the talking and that’s what made people listen.

So now he’s HOT not only in Pittsburgh (which is the area he’s from) but his talent is branching into the rest of the coasts as well.

I’ve been under some sort of rock, this kid has been doing it since 2006, well better late than never I always say. (Who am I fooling? I never say that)

Download & Listen (Kush & Orange Juice) Here

For your viewing pleasure

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2 thoughts on “Its Great to be Here -Wiz Khalifa

  1. I’ve been under that same rock with you…

    I keep/kept seeing his name, but like many artist you don’t know about’em til you know about’em…did i ever tell you about my boy telling me about trying to manage Drake about 2 – 3 yrs before he came out. “yo son there’s this kid in Canada i’m talking to…yo we got to fuck wit him, he’s gonna be that shit”…show’d me his myspace page and everything! I thought the nicca looked homo…the photo of him in the navy coat and part in his head…LOL! To bad he was one of those friend you let shit go in one ear and out the other :\…i coulda been somebody! HA! I think he was fucking with Wayne at that point anyway and it wasn’t shit i could of did for him in CT…oh the come up…that’s what made me give it up!

    But I digress…I listened to a mixtape (Rick Ross something something something) last night with dude on it…so far everything i’ve heard him on has been good, he has a good flow…he reminds me of a young snoop dog for some reason…maybe it’s the anorexic body frame…LOL!

    • lol @ you thinking he looked like a homo, to be completely honest the buzz young Aubrey had then is dying down right now, sure he has a few hits on the radio, but the hype is no longer there, well at least not for me.

      Now this Wiz kid, I like him a lot, the mixtape puts me in a mellow mood, like I got a contact high or something and maybe I did, he reminds me of a cool azz DJ Quick (also small framed…or petite as I like to call it)

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