See Me Now ~ Kanye West


It’s about the art, and I’m not allowing my attitude to get in the way of my creation anymore

~Kanye West~

I’ve been waiting all day for this and I got so carried away on twitter today, that I totally forgot about it! Anyway, it’s the second single off of the much-anticipated album, “Good Ass Job” although I hear that he’s thinking of changing the name, unsure why, but I’m digressing again….

This song features Beyonce (small yelp of joy) & Charlie Wilson not uber excited about that but I’m sure he had his reasons. I love its smoothness, or maybe just the fact that Bey’s on the track saying “nigga” *fist pumps* or maybe because I’m a Kanye STAN so I love whatever the boy does.

Either way its dope or else it wouldn’t be here…take a listen via Kanye

See Me Now (Ft. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson)


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