1000 Grams ~Young Jeezy

Released today at 1:03pm, another mixtape from Young Jeezy building up to the TM103 album release. This mixtape features the BMF track that has caused a lot of buzz throughout the blogosphere due to the fact that it seems to be DIRECTLY aimed at Rick Ross.

After listening to the track which both parties deny has anything to do with Rick Ross’s single. I think its ironic that he would do a track like this basically saying someone is faking about the whole BMF (Black Mafia Family) situation, after Rick Ross put out his hit (Blowing Money Fast).

I don’t search for beef, that’s not my job at all, but I’m going to say that the lines Jeezy was spewing are seeming really, uhm how do you say…”side eye-ish” to me. However if the man says it wasnt directed at RAWSE, then I’ll roll with it.

1000 Grams

Track Listing

1. Young Jeezy ~ Intro
2. Young Jeezy ~Death B4 Dishonor
3. Young Jeezy ~Choppa N Da Paint
4. Young Jeezy ~Dope Boy Swag
5. Young Jeezy ~ In Da Wall
6. Young Jeezy ~ Powder
7. Young Jeezy ~ Whippin All Of Dat
8. Young Jeezy ~ Spray Somethin’
9. Young Jeezy ~ Yayo
10. Young Jeezy ~ Drug Dealin’ Muzik
11. Young Jeezy ~Popular Demand
12. Young Jeezy ~ Porsche Music


4 thoughts on “1000 Grams ~Young Jeezy

  1. Oh Gawd!!! Really?!?! This can’t be a legitimate beef…i deleted that track…it sucked first of all, second of all it sucked…third of all really?!?!? Hip Hop beef is so boring, when will they learn…

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