Bish I’m about to BLOW UP ~J.Cole~

First off happy Friday the 13th…

This is a post for my haters, y’all got me feeling like the greatest…

Let me stop, iKeish has no haters *side eye*.

Instead the above line is the opener to J. Coles new ytrack “Blow Up” of course I tweaked it a little as most writers do. It is the second single off of J. Coles debut album (as the Warm Up was merely a mixtape), which is set to drop some time in September.

In this track it seems as if he’s taking the listener from what it use to be to what it is now, everyone has dreams, why not chase them? No ones going to invest in you MORE than you, if you are depending solely on a support system, you have it all wrong, you are your OWN support first. Just a little Friday the 13th inspiration for the readers.

Here it is….J. Coles “Blow Up” (How tight would it have been if he sampled Martin Lawrence saying “I’m about to BLOW UP!”  *crickets* Oh that was just a thought…)

01 Blow Up (Prod. By J. Cole)


4 thoughts on “Bish I’m about to BLOW UP ~J.Cole~


    -It’s not a confirmed single
    -This is going to be his DEBUT album (your wrote second in brackets)

    Song is ill. Been blasting it since I found it last night

  2. Good song…

    His time is coming…hopefully everything lines up just right for him. I have a mixtape called The Blow Up from DatPiff…I don’t think this song is on there…

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