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Wiz Khalifa gives us a preview into his psyche, as if his music isn’t enough, the young man talks about everything from weed to his ink. I suggest you check out the article on, its worth the read, and theres a special treat for those of you who dont like to read, thats right…A VIDEO!!!! Now go on, be great!

In 2009, he parted ways with Warner Brothers and churned out a slew of successful mixtapes – most notably Kush and Orange Juice, with over a million downloads. Now, deal intact, gearing up for a massive North American tour slated to kick off on September 16th in Philadelphia, Khalifa is about to be thrown into a whirlwind of press while finishing up his latest untitled project. Welcome to the eye of the storm. But before his flight takes off, he dishes about weed, women, and the pressures of being “next.”



2 thoughts on “More from The Wiz

  1. Kush & OJ wasn’t that bad…still got it on deck in the car. Stuck on Jeezy…it grows on me with every listen…Jeezy just that nicca! MORE MUSIC, MORE MUSIC!!!

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