Live For Your Dreams

Every once in a while I run across a single that’s Inspirational-iPod worthy, and in the past few weeks this has happened pretty often… well this will also be added to the iPod list under what inspires me to keep doing whatever it is that I’m doing.

I read on a blog one day (I forget which one) that if you’re blogging to make money STOP! So I did, but of course I got over myself and realized this is what I LOVE to do, I like music. I know I feature mainly rap on but believe it or not I enjoy all facets of it (with the exception of country). I’ve come to the conclusion that doing something you enjoy is payment enough, and if you do it well the money will come, and at that point it’s just extra credit.

I have a network full of dreamers, but the difference between my dreamers and someone elses is that they actually put action into making their dreams a reality, and who needs to sleep when you accomplish such a task?

So…this is for the dreamers….

Bryant Dope feat. Talib Kweli “Live Your Dreams”


Don’t listen to haters the haters-a steer you wrong you’ll lose faith in The Dream like Christina Milian…c’mon


4 thoughts on “Live For Your Dreams

  1. There’s money in this?!?!? Let me find out!!! LOL!!!

    The song is OK to me…didn’t really blow me over in any direction…

    This reminds me…haven’t been over to Missinfo in a long while…i use to be a regular…then iKeish came along and changed all that! LOL!

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