Deadliest Catch~Shanell

Before I was into Drake,  and before Nikki Minaj burst onto the scene in all her Barbie glory, I noticed Shanell. Maybe it was the nose ring to earring connection that she has on her face, the fact that she sort of had a rock star sound, or the  that her lyrics are different from your typical song birds. Either way of all the Young Money members Shanell is someone I was waiting for. It seems as if she’s fallen to the wayside and been listed under people to be seen with in the “A” but that’s about it.

I would have loved to hear a song with her with no features, but I found this little diddy, and thought it was pretty catchy, something I wouldn’t mind getting dressed to.



2 thoughts on “Deadliest Catch~Shanell

  1. I could actually picture you dancing around your room, flinging clothes around out your closet and playing dress up for your next social networking event like an 80’s teeny bopper movie…LOL!

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