Erase ME! ~Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi - Man on The Moon Performance

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Maybe its the Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts in me (and yes the full name was needed) but I enjoy music that makes me want to do things other than pop my booty, although I like that to do that too. I have started listening for live instruments in my choice of music and this track didn’t let me down.

So this is a new joint from Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West, and I like the song even without Kanye (surprisingly). What I’m even more happy about is the fact that they did not use autotune at all, and that’s a small victory as far as I’m concerned.  I cannot wait to hear Kid Cudi’s new album set to release October, 2010 entitled Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager.

Click below to hear the single: Erase Me


I like this line

Sure enough a week later I’m an extra love
And everybody know she mine, so she extra plugged
Every bouncer, every club show her extra love
We just praying the new fame don’t get the best of us


3 thoughts on “Erase ME! ~Kid Cudi

  1. I like the Cudi kid (LOL…thought that was funny)…i listen to him when i’m feeling suidical…even in death you should have theme music…LOL!

    • lmao, I wonder if he takes that as a compliment.

      “Welp, guess I’ll die now…MOM! Have you seen ,y Kid Cudi album????!!!???” (because people that kill themselves say album or record and not CD)

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