Teairra Mari~ Point of No Return (Mixtape)

Teairra Mari, once known as the princess of Jay Z‘s Roc, has been trying to push her way back onto the scene. With  “Sponsor” featuring Gucci Mane and Souljah Boy, being played all over the airwaves it was only right for her to make a mixtape. Thats where Point of No Return comes into play. Born in Detroit (see youtube “It’s So Cold in the D” which has absolutely nothing at all to do with this Teairra, but its hilarious) her vocals aren’t the best in the game, but some of her songs are written nicely.

On top of the fact that I’m a little rapped out, and I just want to hear something different.

Teairra also has a role in the movie released today  “Lottery Ticket” which also features Bow Wow.

*sprinkles some shade*

She totally stole my speaker pose that I’m planning to do when I take the time to pretty up and do a photo shoot just to prove that writers can be sexy too!


Enjoy, you can download and listen here.

Listen first, download later.

Point of No Return


2 thoughts on “Teairra Mari~ Point of No Return (Mixtape)

  1. I’m over the pretty chicks…give me an ugly chick that can’t read, but blow like Areffa and can be the mistress she was born to to be like Fantasia!

    I will “have her baby” though…she’s put a few sexy videos lately…don’t think she’s counting on her music to get her back in the game…sell the sex baby, i aint mad at cha…but i will not be listening to this mixtape…nope won’t do it! LOL!

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