N.E.R.D.~Help Me


N.E.R.D. is usually in and out of the music industry, and I don’t fully understand why. I enjoy their type of music, it appeals to more than the hip hop industry, and in all honesty I couldn’t say that its even hip hop, it doesn’t fit in that genre very well.

Admittedly one of the best concerts I have been able to witness, including Drake, Jay Z, and my friend in my head “Beyonce”. I had an awesome time when they came to town, from mosh pits to crowd surfing its something that I have never experienced and havent experienced since, though I truly plan to.

In case you were wondering, or never took the time to figure out any names besides front man Pharrell Williams, the members of the band include:

Pharrell Williams

Chad Hugo

Shay Hayley

All form N.E.R.D (No one Ever Really Dies)

They currently have a couple of new singles released off of their upcoming album “Nothing” which is set to release September 7, 2010. One is entitled “Help Me” and the other is called “Party People”. I like “Help Me” the most of the two which is the one that is featured here:


2 thoughts on “N.E.R.D.~Help Me

  1. “The moment has just been moistened…”

    I like it…

    Do you have any idea what seems to be the problem The Game and Nas have with Pharrell…i count on you to know these things!

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