Bun B ~ The Pope

From the back, (back) to the front (front) and to the side, in the ‘lac, wit a blunt, where da light?

 ~Let Me See It UGK

Back in my  House Party days when the teens would dance nasty in a hot basement with a blue light as if we were dying to get it in, this was one of my favorite songs by UGK. In fact I believe this is the first time I was introduced to the duo. Still a virgin, the lyrics did something to me, ever since then I was hooked. So when Pimp C‘s passing hit the news I was shocked, but sure that Bun B could hold it down just like he did when Pimp C spent that time in jail.

I remember reading an article in Vibe Magazine (I think) where the two were interviewed, it was noted that Bun B was the well calculated “smart” one while Pimp C was more of an “action” kind of guy. They went well together, complete opposite halves making a dynamic whole. I was impressed with the match up. 

*I really searched for this article, no luck, but what I did find is that the group is listed a million times on a million different best Hip Hop CD’s posts. Truthfully a million, I counted.*

So Buns been in and out of features, in and out of the news, he hasn’t faded to black at all. I like this demo he has out called “The Pope” (c/o missinfo.tv) which is why I posted it. Plus he’s talking about Kansas City Missouri, as far as I’m concerned lol, little Compton.

Bun B-The Pope

Hey, anyone remember how Pimp C dissed Jeezy? Lol, I do. A friend of mine reminded me of it last week. Classic rap beefs.


3 thoughts on “Bun B ~ The Pope

  1. I lost my virginity in one of those basements…there was no penetration, but all that grinding and friction caused me to make premature rice pudding in my pants a few times! Oh the good ole days!

    UGK 4 Life!!!

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