J. Cole ~ Roc Nation


I sincerely hope my readers don’t think I’m obsessed with this J. Cole kid, he’s good though, and I’ve been excited about him since Jay Z‘s The Blueprint 3. After hearing that verse on “A Star is Born” I had to know who he was, so I searched, and he was not hard to find, thanks to imeem.com (RIP). So the fact that he’s currently mainstream is giving me life right now.

This mixtape has been posted upon request, and I don’t do this often or at all but believe it or not I am not the only J. Cole fan, go figure. Not to mention I enjoy him very much so I don’t mind posting one of the many mixtapes that he has available. This one in particular is entitled Roc Nation.

Roc Nation (listen here)

Track Listing

1. Higher

2. Who Dat?

3. We On

4. Unabomber

5. Beautiful Bliss

6. Gladiators

7. Still the Hottest

8. Knock on Wood

9. All I Want is You

10. Just Begun

11. Top of the World

12. Lights Please

13. I’m Comin

14. Song For the Ville

15. Hot 97 Freestyle

16. Ignorant Sh*t

17. A Star is Born

18. Light Up

19. Maybach Music

20. Stranded


7 thoughts on “J. Cole ~ Roc Nation

  1. I’ll have to start sharing my musical library with you…i’ve had this one for about a little under a month. Did you ever download the Blow Up??? DatPiff.com is my shit!!!

  2. Sorry, ColdKane!!! The Mrs. surprised me and took me out of town this weekend…i’ll put it at the top of my to do list for tomorrow morn when i get home 🙂

    Send me a msg on FB…

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