Cee-Lo Green f/ 50 Cent ~ F%ck You (Remix)

We’ve all been through a break up before whether it was your choice or not, and though some of us are completely fine with it, others become bitter about it. There have been days when I see an ex that I think completely nothing of, but just so happens that day is my “bummy swag” day or something embarrassing like that. Theres not enough explaining in the world that will be able to wipe that silly smirk off your ex lovers face. So, Cee-lo Green and I have decided to just say

You know what? F%ck you.

This phrase alleviates all the explaining in the world, and may even cause the person on the other side of the phrase to clutch his or her pearls, either way the smirk they once had will disappear for sure and you can go on about your laundry. Besides that’s the only excuse for a “bummy swag” kind of day…anything else is uncivilized.

That was just one of many examples. Sometimes seeing an ex out can only be described as awkward. In this case, apparently Mr. Green was dating a gold digger, well he ran out of gold so she was on to the next, and for that she got this….

Listen here:

Cee-Lo Green f/ 50 Cent F%ck You


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