Mr. Hudson f/ Kanye West ~ Supernova

I’ve only been having this love affair since Jay Z‘s Young Forever with Mr. Hudson. So you can say we’re going about a year strong. Unfortunately for Mr. Hudson my attention span is that of Tyrone Biggums so I forget about my musical crushes easily, besides I have so many. After hearing him again on the G.O.O.D. Ass Job mixtape (which is also available here on I remembered all about our short love affair.

A little tidbit about me, I love to twirl, like I twirl in my room sometimes until I get dizzy, it’s the best. My favorite movies include Sixteen Candles, Teen Witch, Pretty in Pink, and Weird Science, I could go on, but I don’t want to lose my gangsta. Basically I’m in love with 80’s sounding music, and this is what Mr. Hudson does for me. Not everyone will like this post, and that’s cool too, but at least try it out.

*puts on pink lip stick and starts the twirling*

Mr. Hudson f/ Kanye West Supernova

Mr. Hudson f/ Kid Cudi Everything Is Broken

(Ultimate c*ck blocking song up next):

Mr. Hudson f Kanye West Anyone But Him


4 thoughts on “Mr. Hudson f/ Kanye West ~ Supernova

  1. I can see it, I can see it!!! Ultimately it scares me…but i like it!!!

    His music is dreamy…that’s the feeling i get…with fairies and unicorns and the image of an angel twirling in the distance with this glow around her…can you see it, can you feel it!

    I think you caught me in a moment – Drake…i too have already said to much…just remember me how i was before this moment 🙂 LOL!

    • Lol, I dont know if I can, as long as you dont start wearing glitter on your cheeks I’ll rock with you, however I think some man laws were broken just now. Take that up with the illuminati and them.

    • Weird Science is my shit

      *in the bar with the old black men when ol boy was tipsy*

      She kneed mah nuts man!
      Awww naaaww
      Yes, man she KNEED me in the nuts!

      Wow, thats when movies were actually good. *kicks can*

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