B.oB. Time 2 Shine ~ Mixtape

I am almost certain that this 29 Track mixtape is going to take me my full work day to listen to, however even in knowing that I’m sort of excited about hearing it. Be clear, I’m not the biggest B.o.B. fan, but after hearing his track on the Janelle MonaeTightrope Wondamix, I decided that I should probably pay attention to this guy.

I think my attention is on and off for him, I enjoyed “Beautiful Girls” as well as “Bet I” but after that I decided to back burner him, and maybe that was wrong, but it happens, hopefully this mixtape will make me apologetic in doing so.

With backing from T.I. under the Grand Hustle label, B.o.B. is certainly worth listening to, so if you call, text or email me and I don’t answer it’s because I’m knee-deep in this mixtape….and I don’t want to talk to you :o).

Time 2 Shine

Track List

01. Intro
02. Nothin On You Valentino Moroder Remix
03. Stronger Remix
04. This Is My
05. Nite Life Dj Noize Blend
06. I ll Be In The Sky Basement Beats Remix
07. Interlude
08. Past My Shades [feat. Lupe Fiasco] (Album Version)
09. Airplanes J.B.Eatz Remix
10. I m Lost
11. The Fire
12. Janelle Monae – Tightrope (Wondamix) [Feat. B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco]
13. 369
14. -Teach Me How To Dougie Remix
15. What The F ck Is Up
16. Doing It
17. Atlanta Ga Dj Noize Blend
18. On Top Of The World
19. I Don t Know Ya
20. Hip Hop Ain t Dead The Future
21. I See Ya
22. Everyone s Lookin At Me
23. I Did It
24. Do It Slow
25. Hood Dreamer
26. Haterz Everywhere
27. Haterz Everywhere Valentino Moroder Remix
28. Bet I Bust
29.B.o.B – Fame


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