Diggy Simmons ~ (Not) Airborne


The fact that Diggy is the son of Run and the nephew of Russell, may have helped him slightly in his music career, but in my opinion he’s a pretty decent artist.

I was wondering when Diggy Simmons would drop the Airborne Mixtape, however its been pushed back as if it’s a real album, but I’m pretty patient. Besides, he has awhile before he needs to actually “hit” the scene, just so he remains relevant for more than 5 years.  However, one track that did make it off of Diggy’s mixtape Airborne is called “Oh Yeah” featuring Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell. I wont lie and say its my favorite from Diggy, but its new and worth the listen. So here you go :0)

Diggy Simmons – Oh Yeah! f Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell

And if that wasnt enough for you, I’ve included the Little Monster track as well.

Little Monster


3 thoughts on “Diggy Simmons ~ (Not) Airborne

  1. This kid is amazing! This is what a guided child can become with great parents, family, and mentors surronded in his life! I “dig” Diggy!~

  2. I’ve always liked Diggy…I think with time he will be pretty good. Even Drake will need to be replaced one day…he definitely has the look and style to be a hip hopster.

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