Cam’Ron~Yo Babymama on ya

Cam’Ron has BEEN back, but I didnt hear anything from him that I felt like I liked, the couple of features he was on didn’t give me the old Cam’Ron feel, so I didn’t post them, just like that.

However this new drop featuring Snoop Dogg and Jim Jones, made me bob my head. You pretty much know what to expect from Cam, there will be no “Keep Ya Head Up” “Black Power” or anything like that coming out of his mouth, dude is consistent and he will consistently give you some great music to talk sh*t to. I myself, appreciate him for that. So of course in this new single he is giving you plenty of that. 

Personally I feel that when a rapper or anyone for that matter, wastes all their time and energy trying to expose, or diss another rapper, that’s when things get sour for their career, you dont have time to focus on your craft if you constantly trying to demolish anothers. Dont get me wrong I love a battle rap just as much as the next chick, but there is a limit….

there I go, digressing again….here is the track, along with a personal favorite of mine, and of course it includes Uncle Kanye!

Camron-Yo Babymama On Ya(Feat Jim Jones and Snoop Dogg)

*sidenote* sources say that the man singing the hook is a homeless person, who cannot be contacted at this point to get the recognition for the hook.

Camron Down & Out

I miss the old Roc!


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