Justin Bieber ~Runaway Love feat. Kanye West & Raekwon

Don’t adjust your glasses, contacts or whatever it is that’s causing you to think you’re seeing stuff right now, because you aren’t we all saw it coming, well maybe not. I remember Kanye mentioning something about how wild it would be if they were all to do a song together via twitter, I didn’t think he would actually put effort behind it. Leave it to Kanye to surprise the heck out of me.

So much for getting rid of Bieber fever with this new track. I like the beat, it starts off all grimy and Wu-Tang like, with Raekwon starting off such a mash-up, then Justin Bieber comes in all smooth and child like singing, and then of course Kanye with his one liners.

I like what I’m hearing right now, and is that Justin humming the background? Oh yes this is different. I truly hope they don’t put too much into this…like an actual album, a couple of singles is all I would be able to handle at this point. However, I’ll let it play around in my iPod, I’m sure it would be good to workout to…whenever I decide to go. Enjoy!

Justin Bieber feat. Kanye West & Raekwon – Runaway Love (Remix)


2 thoughts on “Justin Bieber ~Runaway Love feat. Kanye West & Raekwon

  1. I’m liking this track.. That kid has some serious talent! with Raekwon and Ye it reminds me of 1995 kinda of feel.. Dopeness!

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