Style Icon ~C.O.L.O.U.R.S.~


There are people who I see daily that never make me take a second glance and sometimes that’s for good reason, other times its just because there is nothing that stands out, their look is boring. Being one of those people has become mundane for me, its time that we shake off what we’re “supposed” to dress like and explore who we are as people (appropriately of course).

A friend of mine introduced me to a phrase just yesterday, she said

Dress outside the box

~Kina Golightly~


Four small words that carry great impact. There is an evident and bold line between outside of the box and just plain tacky, and I’m not about to waste my time pointing that out to you, there are plenty of amazing fashion bloggers that are able to help you out with that part of the equation.

With that being said, I’m no fashion guru, I just like what I like. My style is inspired by a plethora of people, but mainly myself. At 26, I’m pretty much done with fashion faux pas (I had quite a few) and now I’m comfortable in what I wear from day-to-day.

I chose Mr. Bentley as a style icon because he has awesome style (that was simple).  Also because he doesn’t appear to be concerned with what the masses warrant as “fashion”. Definitely an “Outside the box” dresser.

What I’m into:

Oxfords! Button Downs! Tightly Rolled Jeans!

Need a visual? Of course you do:

So, not only do you get to hear what I like to get dressed to, but now you can sort of see what it is I’m getting dressed in…and while putting on these clothes, I think I’d like to groove to:

MGMT-Eletric Feel feat Jim Jones

(this track is meant to be played as loud as possible…)

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